Self Care Sunday's with Star of The Kissing Booth Trilogy, Meganne Young

Meganne Young Star of kissing booth trilogy here to talk about our self care Sunday in a vintage sweater and blonde hair.

For our second Self Care Sunday feature, we had the pleasure of interviewing star of the Netflix trilogy, The Kissing Booth, Meganne Young! From starting her career in South Africa and moving her way to Vancouver to further her acting career, Meganne shares with us how she attempts balance in self care and while following her dreams.

Meganne Young, star og The Kissing Booth Triology

Tell us about yourself and the course of your career.

I’m an actress, and I was born in South Africa. I’ve been acting for 10 years and started my career in Cape Town. It feels like it’s gone by in a blink! The Kissing Booth is definitely the biggest project I’ve done to date. I then moved to Vancouver to further my career!
What was your favourite memory while filming The Kissing Booth?
It was one of the last days of shooting and we were in Cape Town. Taylor (Marco) in the Kissing Booth) was strumming on the guitar and we were singing “Remember Me” from Coco! It was kind of sad to end shooting, but it was a great memory. It really was a family, and it felt great knowing that we all had so much fun making these films and we knew the fans would love it. It was such a great way to say goodbye to everyone.
Did you have any self care routines for long days on set?
The two main things that I did consistently every day to feel like I was taking care of myself were:
- I had a big pink bottle of water, and I would always put strawberries or rooibos bags in there, and I would make sure that I drank a lot of water to keep hydrated. Otherwise it’s so easy to reach for the coffee! It always made me feel so much better.

- A lot of actors will go to the makeup trailer at the end of the day to have all makeup completely taken off. I never did that, I wore a wig in The Kissing Booth and would only have that taken off and would remove my makeup at home. This way I could go through my full skincare routine and do it all myself! I make my tea, I take a shower, and it sets me up to go to bed or wind down. Even if I was exhausted after a long day of shooting, I would always rather do it myself.

How do you do self care at home?
I have my night time routine and morning routine. I try my best to maintain some sort of routine and those are the things that I can control in my own time. When we’re shooting, sometimes you get picked up at 5:00 in the morning and then you work for 12-14 hours, so you don’t have much control over your schedule in that period. For me, routine is so key.
What are things you do to stay on top of your mental health?
Routine really locks me in, and working out! With my work schedule, days are always up and down and never look the same. I always look to my routines to ground me, and working out has always been something that gave me a sense of routine, and I love the endorphins that you get from that. That hour in the day where I get to focus on what is in front of me really eases my anxiety, because I tend to get a little lost in my head sometimes and I have to find things to bring me back.
If I’m having a bad day, I always like to make sure I go outside for a walk. Even if it’s 10 minutes to go down the street to get a coffee or a tea. If I have time, I will go for an hour-long walk and listen to an audio book and just make sure that I’m moving and being outside. That kind of helps me get out of my head!
What is your best-kept self care/beauty secret?
It’s not a secret because I’m always going on about it - I’ve been wearing sunscreen religiously for years! I have different ones for my face and body. I wear it throughout the winter too! I am very vigilant about my sunscreen application because it is so important to look after your skin and have healthy, happy skin, whatever that looks like.
You’re off to a day at the spa - what’s on the agenda for you?
A facial and a massage! Those are my two go-to things.
You’re into fitness - what’s your favourite way to sweat, and how have you kept it going during the pandemic?
I love weightlifting! It’s so funny because I wasn’t super sporty in school - it really wasn’t my thing. I started to find my way into it through boxing, I really enjoy the physicality of it. It brought out my competitive side. From boxing, that evolved into more weightlifting and I go to a CrossFit gym that, with COVID, has been adjusted to a strength training gym.
I love working out because it makes me feel more confident in my body. In the industry I’m in, there is a lot of pressure for your body to look a certain way. Your body fluctuates all the time throughout the month and throughout the day! It’s so important to feel good and strong. I’d rather eat enough be able to flip a tire than flip into a size 00. It keeps me feeling healthier and happier.
During the pandemic, I really admired people who were able to work out at home and were able to do bodyweight workouts. I struggled with that, so I would go for runs or work out with my roommate in the park. Trying to find an alternative was really hard! I never felt like the bodyweight exercises were challenging enough. I don’t like feeling like I’m not being challenged. Luckily, the gym I was going to was able to open safely as long as you stayed in your section.
You’re also very into all things eco-friendly - what are ways that you make your life more eco-friendly/sustainable?
I started exploring sustainability a lot more in terms of fashion and really started looking into small businesses who are conscious of how they make their products. For me, it’s about a consciousness. I would never lie and say I’m fully sustainable. It’s hard! I ask the questions like, where does this product come from, why does it cost this, what is it made of, etc. I make decisions based on this information. If I get something in the moment that’s in a plastic bag, I will make note and try to remember to find an alternative. Being conscious and aware of the choices I am making and trying to adjust while also not being too hard on myself is key.
Portrait of Meganne Young by Tom Belding