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Coconut soy candles + perfumes

Smells like kilig.

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Essentials for your self care routine.

Vegan + Cruelty-free

We are proud to say that all of our products are vegan and cruelty-free. All of our ingredients are derived from plant based sources within North America.

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While handcrafting each Kilig product, we choose to use eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for you and your home. During our daily operations and with every decision we make, we consciously choose to become a more sustainable small business every day while providing you with the best self-care.

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Giving Back

For every candle or perfume sold, Kilig donates one meal to a child in need in the Philippines. We have partnered with non-profit, Adhika, to assist with the continuing efforts.

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We have been able to donate
over 10,000 meals.

What are people saying???

“The best candles from a lovely and talented maker! Other candles I’ve burned throw a lot of artificial scents and tend to give me headaches but I can burn my Kilig candles for hours! They make perfect gifts for loved ones and instantly lift my mood when I light them at home.”

- Lorin Castle

Been following Kilig candle co since the beginning, all i can say is i am obsessed with the scents and how well each candle burns! 🕯 love supporting an awesome Vancouver company!”

- Mennlee Boyd

“I was first gifted a kilig candle a couple years ago, and it’s been one of the best smelling candles I’ve ever had. It has set the bar for candles. I can be particular when I comes to smells so if you’re tired of the usual scents go to Kilig. Best decision you’ll ever make.”

- Stephanie Ward-Mackay

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