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Our products are vegan and cruelty free. We are animal lovers here! As a small business, we are proud to create each candle and self care product with a vegan and cruelty free standard.

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Loving the Pacific West Coast and taking care of Mother Earth is part of our daily operations while hand crafting each Kilig product. Being eco friendly is essential to our local business and we are continuously finding new ways to become more sustainable while providing our customers better self care products.

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From our hearts

For every candle, body wash, perfume or lotion sold, Kilig donates one meal to an impoverished child in the Philippines. We are partners with the Canadian Non-Profit Adhika. Giving back is a fundamental part of our business.

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We have been able to donate over 6000 meals.

What are people saying???

“The best candles from a lovely and talented maker! Other candles I’ve burned throw a lot of artificial scents and tend to give me headaches but I can burn my Kilig candles for hours! They make perfect gifts for loved ones and instantly lift my mood when I light them at home.” - Lorin Castle

Been following Kilig candle co since the beginning, all i can say is i am obsessed with the scents and how well each candle burns! 🕯 love supporting an awesome Vancouver company!” - Mennlee Boyd

“I was first gifted a kilig candle a couple years ago, and it’s been one of the best smelling candles I’ve ever had. It has set the bar for candles. I can be particular when I comes to smells so if you’re tired of the usual scents go to Kilig. Best decision you’ll ever make.” - Stephanie Ward-Mackay

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